Reggae Tribute at the Hollywood Bowl

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New Shoes

A few weeks ago Grey was obsessed with putting matching sippy cups on his feet in place of his shoes. He’d wear them around the house, to his Grandma’s house, out to dinner… everywhere. Well his new thing is walking on top of these plastic cups Oma bought him at Ikea. I don’t know how he does it, but somehow he gets these things to grip the bottom of his feet and he goes stomping around the house. The best part is that they’re all different sizes so they’re not even level. Kid is crazy.

I tried to get a video of it but apparently I wasn’t recording when I thought I was but I did get this one out of focus clip:

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My Babies

After I finished making the cards with Grey, I tried to get him to kneel next to Ella for some photos since I don’t have many good shots of them together. It was close to impossible to get a shot of them both in focus because Ella kept starting to cry and Grey wouldn’t sit still long enough for me to take the shot. I finally resorted to growling at them like a dinosaur to see if that would get them both to look at me and smile. Worked like a charm.

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Dinosaur For The Day

Grey came up to me yesterday with the top half of his dinosaur costume and said he needed help putting it on. He initially had his legs through the arm openings so after we flipped it and had it on correctly, he insisted we needed to find the bottom half of the costume. Once we finally had it on, Jacques looked at him and said “Wow, you’re a scary dinosaur” and Grey responded “I not a dinosaw, I a dwagon.” Ha, Grey told him.

Day 2: Still wearing the costume.

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Making Cards with Grey

Decided to do some crafts with Grey this weekend and since I have a ton of blank cards, figured we could make those. We used a round punch on some vintage wrapping paper that I found a few years ago and then Grey drew pictures on each one using markers. We finished them off with a bunch of tiny hole punches all over. After we were done, we (me) addressed the envelopes and Grey hand-selected which card would go to each person. Only thing we were missing were stamps (who mails stuff anymore?) so I’ll have to pick some up today so we can mail them out.

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Mar Vista Farmers Market

Haven’t made it to the farmers market in weeks so thought I’d walk the kids there this weekend. I also haven’t been able to catch up with my friend Christina in awhile and since she works there, it’s sometimes the only time we’re able to meet up. Eddie stopped by on his way to play paddle tennis at Venice beach and we just hung out for awhile and grabbed some food. It’s so difficult to walk through there and not want to buy everything. The fresh flowers are especially tempting but since I only had the double stroller with me, went back empty handed – except for the bag of avocados and lemons Christina sent us home with.  Weather was also perfect and outside of Grey having a few emotional breakdowns, was a good day.

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Photo and Caption from Oma

I often get photos sent to me throughout the day when Oma is watching the kids. This is one of the photos I received yesterday along with a caption that read “Most likely opening page shot of Ella, my life as a hooker.”

I love my mom.

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Molly’s Africa Pics

Well, I’ve gone back to look at the photos Molly posted from Africa about ten different times today so I figured I should post them here as well. I’m in awe that these creatures actually exist and so glad Molly got the chance to go see them on her trip.

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Aunt Mary’s House

We decided to stop by Mary’s house for a visit this past weekend to watch a UFC fight with Dad and Eddie. We hadn’t been by in awhile so I was happy she’d have a chance to see the kids again.

Grey slept through most of it so Ella pretty much ran things. She of course, loved getting attention from Mary and immediately crawled up to her. It wasn’t more than five seconds after Mary picked up Ella that she passed her off to my dad because she was too heavy to carry. Ha. Only 9 months and she’s already too big for Mary. I always get a kick out of how small Mary is compared to everyone else in the family so I had to step back and get a full-length shot of her holding Ella. Won’t be long before they’re the same height.

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I have serious mental problems because from the second I found out I was having a girl, I immediately thought of the moment her hair would be long enough for pigtails. Since she was born, her hair on top has always been longer than the rest and everyone has teased me about it but I was determined to let it grow out. Why? Pigtails. (see above re: mental issues)

Well, LOOK who’s rockin’ the pigtails.

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